L’affiche cinéma de ce mois de Juin à la Fondation Gacha

01 - 25 June 2019

This June's cultural program focuses on strong stories

CINE PALABRES : discover the biopic film « Lumumba » ( from 14 years old) on Saturday June 1st at 12 pm.

A screening followed by a debate on this great character led by Mathias Mbiandjeu, member of ADAPER (Association for the Promotion of Endogenous Rural Development Actions).


In the same vein, the Foundation offers you the screeninf of the documentary  » Ceux qui sèment  » (from 12 years old) on Saturday, June 15th at 10 am.


A screening that will give rise to a debate on the film based on family farming.


Simultaneously with this event, organized in partnership with ACEFA (Improving the Competitiveness of Family Farming Agropastoral), you will be able to attend a photo exhibition.


CINE VACANCES : the screening of the biopic film : « La Reine de Kwate » (from 10 years old) on Saturday 25 June at 10 am, will be followed by a chess initiation session and a presentation of all the library games with the holidays season approaching.