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A word from the President



Dear Friends,

The Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation is a Non Government Organization in Cameroon that works to promote passion in vocations, develop talents and spread knowledge.

It relies on the spirit of my father, Jean-Félicien Gacha who adopted and put into practice a phrase which is dear to me: It is necessary to help others, listen to others, respect others, heal others…and above all love others.

We work in five disciplines: instruction and training, culture and arts, health and social action, environment and agriculture, and tourism. In every one of our actions, we are committed to sharing knowledge, encouraging skill building and know-how.

We invite you to visit The Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation website, where you will discover and live our activities and experiences.

Welcome to our website!

Ly Dumas
President of the Foundation


Portrait de Ly Dumas, Présidente de l’ONG Jean-Félicien Gacha.



Values, Missions and Objectives


The Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation is located 1500 meters above sea level, above the village Bangoulap, next to the city of Bangangté, in Western Cameroon. This region of the country is named the “Grasslands” for its green and fertile land.

This nonprofit organization was created in 2002 to perpetuate the work of Jean-Félicien Gacha (1922-1972), high official, great builder, francophile and dedicated patriot. His whole life he demonstrated humanism to help educate and develop his fellow citizens.

Portrait de Jean-Félicien Gacha.


Since February 26, 2014, The Foundation has held the status of NGO (Non Governmental Organization), in accordance with the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization (MINATD) of Cameroon.

Vue des infrastructures de l’ONG Fondation Jean-Félicien Gacha, 2017.

The JLD Cultural Center


The JLD Cultural Center is the central building for The Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation. It was built to share knowledge from different domain with the younger generations, who benefit from the quality of the infrastructure.

The JLD Cultural Center offers training courses within its workshops. It is also a meeting place for young people who want to take advantage of the infrastructure and programming, either individually or in a school setting.


Vue du Centre des Cultures JLD et de ses différents ateliers.



The Auditorium


The focal point of The JLD Cultural Center, the auditorium, welcomes conferences, debates, shows, concerts and even film screenings.



The Harth Library


The library was created in 2012 thanks to the gracious donation of Mr. and Mrs. Harth. It makes available many volumes, including general literature, children’s books, and educational books… many of which are donated.



The computer room


The computer room is available to everyone. Training courses in computer science are also offered.



The Ly and Fréderic Dumas Collection


An exhibition space highlights objects, costumes, and sculptures that reflect the depth and quality of craftsmanship, especially in the art of beading.



Multi-sport Stadium


Accessible to all members of the JLD Cultural Center, the stadium overlooks the Foundation. It is the first step of a project aimed to offer a complete sports program.



The Foudjem Children’s House


Created in 2017, the principal room in this structure-dedicated to the little ones, was named “The Marcel and Ulo Zwingmann Room” in attribution to the Zwingmann Foundation which has greatly contributed to its creation. The spaces and equipment of this building are intended for the children.



The Botanical Garden and Medical Plants Laboratory


A botanical garden and a laboratory including 420 varieties of plants, located at the heart of the Foundation, provide an educational purpose-transmission of therapeutic knowledge and development of decoction therapies, herbal teas as well as the conservation and preservation of a natural heritage.




The Heritage Houses


On the grounds of the Foundation, examples of traditional architecture have been reproduced in order to create a connection to the past that will not be lost in the future. The traditional houses (Mousgoun, Bamileke, Bororo) testify to the architectural wealth of Cameroon.





Beautiful vues from the sky of the Fondation Jean-Félicien Gacha, realized with the help and idea of a member and friend.

Notre équipe :



Jules Jacques Mde Moujefou


Elodie Tchouakui

Laurence Yogoum


Igénie Nomba Gniaye


Gilbert Wembe


Dominique Manga


Benjamin Campaore

Guillaume Yanga






Dieudonné Koudjo Djamen 



Nos Bénévoles :



Raoul Paul Etoko


Daryl Etoundi



Daniela Ulieriu


Rajesh Kumar



Elizabeth Ledoux


Solène Rolland Huckel