Littérature jeunesse – Yaya et le Ndop de Tita

02 September - 31 October 2023

Following the publication of the academic work "Ndop, étoffes des cours royales", the fruit of several years' work by authors, collectors and anthropologists, discover the captivating world of "Yaya et le ndop de Tita". A captivating journey to the heart of the ndop royal fabric tradition, specially designed for the younger generation.

« We are in West Cameroon.
Yaya is 8 years old. She has always watched her grandfather Tita weave the royal Ndop textile. The beauty of Tita’s gesture is unparalleled and full of mystery.
From the West to North Cameroon, Ndop is constructed and designed. With his grandfather, Yaya takes part in its history, amidst kingdoms and the rustle of the elements.

With Yaya as your guide, immerse yourself in an intergenerational and cultural adventure, highlighting the different stages in the creation of ndop.



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